Why we are cycling

Our ‘Cycle Germany’ Team are undertaking this challenge, in the hope of raising money for the Personal Support Unit (PSU).

The PSU offers support to people facing legal proceedings without legal representation in civil and family courts. In the next 3 years, 50% of people in England and Wales will experience a civil justice problem. In the last 2 years, the number of times we helped people rose by 107%, demonstrating the extent of the need we are meeting.

Attending court alone is daunting. Those we support are usually unable to access any formal legal help yet need to be able to present their own case clearly – often facing professional barristers in court. When people are in court tackling hugely emotive subjects, including eviction, bankruptcy and access to children, it is easy to see why our service is invaluable.

Our aim is to provide immediate support to everyone who asks. We are determined to do more to help the growing number of litigants in person but we cannot do that without continuous fundraising.

Please help us to continue to provide this service by sponsoring our Cycle Germany team!




Day five: Dagebull to Tonder 37 miles

The shortest day and by far the wettest!

But… We made it! We cycled 254miles approx. which is 406.4km through Germany and over the border to Denmark, through storms and against the North Sea Wind!

Time for a well earned drink!